This is the classroom schedule only. The schedule does not include the driving portion of the class. The in-car portion of the class is to be scheduled separately. Times are offered before or after class time or on the weekends.

Start Date End Date Class Time
 June 1  June 20 8am-10am
 June 1  June 20 4pm-6pm
June 8 June 27 10am-12pm
June 8 June 27 6pm-8pm
June 22 July 11 8am-10am
June 22 July 11 4pm-6pm
 June 29 July 18 10am-12pm
 June 29 July 18 6pm-8pm
July 13 August 1 8am-10am
July 13 August 1 4pm-6pm
  July  20 August 8 10am-12pm
  July  20 August 8 6pm-8pm
August 3 August 22 4pm-6pm
 August 10  August 29 6pm-8pm
 August 24  September 18 4pm-6pm
August 31  September 24 6pm-8pm

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4 week classes are Monday through Thursday, and 3week classes are Monday through Friday with the last class being on a Saturday. Exceptions are for make-up classes due to holidays. Students are allowed FIVE absences from the classroom instruction, which MUST be made up within 180 days from the first day of their class.

A parent or guardian will need to come into the office at least one week prior to the date of the class to sign the contract and make payment. Until this process is complete, the student is not officially enrolled in the class.

We want to make sure that you only sign-up for the courses necessary.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 281-338-6565 or send us a message at for more information.

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