Street Smart Driving School has been certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety to administer the Driver Skills Test.

Successful completion of this test will enable the applicant to receive a Texas Provisional Driver License. This test is not part of the Driver Education Course.

The test will be administered to only those applicants who meet the State’s requirements. Applicants do not have to be former students at Street Smart.

The test will be conducted by a State Certified Examiner. The vehicle used for the test will be a Street Smart vehicle. This is only the TEST for the provisional license. Street Smart does not issue the license. The applicant must appear in person at the DPS to receive the Provisional License.

The applicant just come into the office, with the proper paperwork, to register for the Skills test. DO NOT TRY TO REGISTER ONLINE!

Requirements to Be Eligible to Test

  • Applicant must have completed a TDLR approved Traditional Driver Education Course and received a D964 certification of completion from a commercial driving school or a D964 or PT completion certification from an Online/Parent Taught Program.
  • Applicants under 18 years old must hold permit for 6 months.
  • Applicants must be 16-24 years old.
  • Completed 30-hour Parent Log Form
  • Complete ITTD course and receive certificate not more than 90 days before going to the DPS.
  • Verification of Attendance and Enrollment Form- Not dated more than 30 days prior to going to DPS. Applicants 18 years old or high school graduates do not have to have one.

After the test is administered, the parent who signed the bottom of the 30-hour Parent Log form will take the applicant, the test results and all required documents to the DPS office to have the applicant’s picture taken and receive the Provisional Driver license.

When making the Skills Test appointment, applicants must come into our office with the parent who signed the 30 Hour Parent Log form and bring all required documents. Call our office for pricing.



  • ITYD completion certificate until date when ITAD becomes available, completed within 90 days of the test.
  • Texas Class C driver license with “B” restriction or permit Class C with “B” restriction.


If the applicant took driver education from a commercial driving school such as Street Smart, you must bring in the following documents when you make your appointment. No photo copies!

  1. D964 Certificate from your driving school
  2. 30 Hour Parent Log form-On each hour the instructor has sign and put driver license number. The Parent who is taking the applicant to the DPS office must sign at the bottom. It does not matter if that parent drove the applicant.
  3. Verification of Attendance and Enrollment form- Cannot be dated more than 30 days prior to going to DPS.
  4. ITTD Certificate- Cannot be completed more than 90 days prior to going to the DPS.
  5. Applicant’s Permit
  6. Eye wear if required

If the applicant took an Online/Parent taught driver education course, the Parent of Record must bring in the following documents when you make the appointment. No Photo Copies!

  1. 32-hour Classroom Log
  2. 14-hour Bind-the Wheel Log
  3. 30 hour Behind-the-Wheel Log-Signed at the bottom by the Parent of Record.
  4. Behind-the-Wheel Affidavit – Black ink only!! Do not sign unless you are in front of a Notary or at the DPS office.
  5. PT or D Completion Certificate- Black ink only!! Let us put your dates on the certificate.
  6. ITTD Certificate-Cannot be completed more than 90 days prior to going to the DPS. Must be signed by applicant and Parent of Record.
  7. Verification of Attendance and Enrollment Form- cannot be dated more than 30 days prior to going to DPS.
  8. Applicant’s Permit
  9. Eye wear if required.

Get in touch with us!

For assistance on how to be eligible to take the test, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 281-338-6565 or send us a message at for more information. If you have already finished your driving course with us, then head on to the DPS website for more information on your driving license requirements.